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  1. Harry
  2. Yafet
    Yafet FazeonDex
    Hey, can i have a fortnite hack?
  3. xd_ImmortalYT
    xd_ImmortalYT KeyZHostHD
    I hope your still online :l
  4. Fortnight
  5. TheBestUserName
    currently updating and sorting stuff with Black Ops 3 it's taking a while sadly because of it needing to be updated is very very annoying!!!
    1. Harry
      That sounds very very annoying! Sorry to hear that :/ Please update us on this incredibly useful segment in the near future. I'll be looking out for a new post.
      Sep 19, 2018 at 1:05 PM
  6. Bilaks
    Thanks to all this comunity and this Cool site
  7. yankezlewis
  8. TheModsAreFun
    TheModsAreFun CabCon
    Can I take a free account plzz
  9. Bilaks
    Bilaks CabCon
    Plzz one account
  10. ExisioNN
    ExisioNN Flutts
    Hey does ur menu have an ESP since i downloaded the lobby tools V2 and it doesent have. And if not do you think you could add one to project Ligma
  11. ysaintt
  12. BigMonster591
    BigMonster591 xCometMods
    do you manage to do a mod menu bo3 if you can do me one if you can not find you who is it (online mod menu)please
  13. BigMonster591
    BigMonster591 Pyrex BLJ
    do you want to do a mod menu bo3
  14. BigMonster591
    1. Pyrex BLJ
      Pyrex BLJ
      hey, whats up?
      Sep 15, 2018 at 11:30 AM
  15. mateo asdasdasda
    mateo asdasdasda IDKMANLOL
  16. Logical
    Logical Harry
    hello have you got discord
    1. Harry
      Profound#3240 --> Tell me it's you when you add me...
      Sep 14, 2018 at 10:41 AM
  17. hell2062018
    hell2062018 CabCon
    hello man. i wanna ask you something regarding your patch for cod black ops 1 "zombie ". i can't find common zombie patch in the commun file . i tried just pasting the file but no luck. i really appreciate your response. have a great day .
  18. _DeveloperFA
    PS4 Pro Controller in DEVELOPMENT
  19. derekfrosssttt
    derekfrosssttt Jamesz
    & how to install this dlc on my black ops steam i copied extracted file on my common file but there is no new maps!
  20. derekfrosssttt
    derekfrosssttt Jamesz
    it still work on steam ?
    or i will be ban or i will not? i have black ops 1 on steam