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    Answered An stupid question...

    How i can check if a bot is spawned or not? :/
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    Answered fake bullet trail and stealth billcam platform?

    Try with my edited billcam(unfinished): on init() level.billcamComing = false; foreach( model in strTok( "veh_t6_air_v78_vtol_killstreak,t6_wpn_supply_drop_ally,t6_wpn_supply_drop_axis,t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", ",") ) precacheModel( model ); level.remote_mortar_fx[ "missileExplode" ] = loadfx(...
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    Answered Easy Set Camos

    yup,or like this: "Comics", ::givetheCamo, 33); "Beast", ::givetheCamo, 41); "Afterlife", ::givetheCamo, 44); "Octane", ::givetheCamo, 42); "Weaponized 115", ::givetheCamo, 43); givetheCamo( num ) { Weapon = self getCurrentWeapon(); self takeWeapon( Weapon ); self giveWeapon(...
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    Answered need help with these two codws

    This is my edited slide code: Put this in onPlayerSpawned() level.slideWith = "Only With Riotshield"; Call it like: "Spawn Slide @ Crosshair", ::slideAtCrosshair); "Change Slide Usable Type", ::usableWith); This in your menu functions: usableWith() { if ( level.slideWith == "Only With...
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    Family first :)

    Family first :)