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    Leak Vendetta and Independence SPRX Sources

    i come across these 2 sources online and didnt see them here so thought i would share them Vendetta Source: VendettaSource Independence Source: Independence sprx source
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    Question Non-Host Kick Protection?

    Can Someone Help me with non-host kick protection i have tried but keep failing..
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    Release Grand Theft Auto 5 1.28 Online Player Stats Hashes List

    can you explain a little more on how to use this?
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    Outdated 1.27 Mod Menu Base

    download link isnt working
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    Outdated Geolocation Tool

    Awesome work man but the download link is down
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    Question Looking for C# MP menu base

    the title says it all i cant find any MP ones only zombie bases if anyone could help or port a zombies to mp for me would be awesome :)
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    Release Black Ops 3 - Offsets and Addresses [1.07/Updating]

    and and just updating jericho trying something new
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    Release Black Ops 3 - Offsets and Addresses [1.07/Updating]

    i found the name address just now messing around with bo3 011A28BD
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    Release Black Ops 3 - Offsets and Addresses [1.07/Updating]

    i hope it is aha thanks man by any chance do you know these to? WorldPosToScreenPos_t ClientIsInGameCheck
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    Release Bo3 non host menu base 1.07

    i updated oStankyModz Non Host Bo3 menu base from 1.03 to 1.07 hoping someone will make a non host menu for bo3 1.07 Menu Base Images Rename the Sprx to BO3menu.sprx Credits oStanky Modz for 1.03 menu base Indie Developer for Eboot Specter for 1.07 Addresses Thread
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    ❖All Gta V SPRX Menus out now +Download ❖

    here is the purge source
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    Outdated GSC Studio Not Opening

    What version are you using dude?
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    Release big ghost Gamers 1.24 modmanager updated to 1.26

    i got bored and decided to put big ghost Gamers 1.24 into cosmos rpf seeing as this was one of my favorite Mod Managers back on 1.24 so i thought i might as well give it to everyone to use all i did was change knk dark horse and apii as they would freeze on opening sometimes but...
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    Preview JGSC Decompiler

    h oh well ahaha