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    Article List of unreleased bases, should they be released?

    not to be funny, but not the best. I mean I can see effort has been put into them, trying to be different but from experience. People don't like different. Everyone will carry on using the normal shitty menu design that every other menu uses. Unfortunaly people who try to be different don't get...
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    Outdated Changing Weapon Animation

    Yo CCM, im wondering for the xbox 360 how it is possible for me to change the weapon animations for weapons. Where abouts in the files would i find where the weapon animations are stored so i can change them around. However i also have the raw weapon files, is there any way i can put them on...
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    Paranormal Menu XBOX/PS3

    Bullshit this xbox menu is made from scratch is that why it looks utter **** compared to the ps3 menu, cause you dont know **** all because this menu is all copy and paste. If you made it from scratch why does it look ****. If its the same on all consoles why can one look like ****in dog ****...
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    Release Pandora Source

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    Tutorial How to use a GSC Menu in public zombie matches (Steam)

    Yo man whats your skype? because i tryed ur multiplayer tut and i freeze :(
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    Preview Tool Ideas

    What like a RTM Menu inside of the tool.
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    Preview Tool Ideas

    Hey CabconModding So i started a Tool because its something for me to do in my spare time. I Started with BO2 First, and im interested in what everyone is wanting to see in this tool. I Kinda want to have new things in this not the same stats **** and host mods. Any Ideas leave them below...
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    Outdated Need GTA Coding Help?

    Yea, cover the basics of starting a GTA5 Menu and things to compare your menu to to then hopefully help people out when creating there own c++ project
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    Outdated Need GTA Coding Help?

    Let me note sorry for thread being **** but I dont have my pc so yea... ill probley update when I get it back. So basically im willing to anyone with any problems they are having eith GTA C++. All you have to do is drop me a pm with your question and maybe a image so I can have a clear view and...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 | Codes| SPRX Sources 1.26 PS3

    Aye my menu :D great thread fam
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    What Happened to Azza source?
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    My name is Latesince!

    Hello CabConModding!. My name is Latesince and id like to welcome my self to this forum! Im a 14 year old Web Developer, Developer. Any Questions PM Me. My Personal Site -
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    Hello, Its me.

    Welcome to CabCon Modding :p