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    Release TyneMod

    There's maybe a few small things I'd want to add. Going for unique wasn't really my goal either.
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    Release TyneMod

    Hi. I've been picking up and putting down this project for about 3 years now and it's not really meant to be released publicly but I thought I'd show off my work. I'm not super sure how to build on the looks as I'm not super skilled with that, but I think, functionally, the mod works pretty...
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    Question Testing for a perk in a level

    I thought so. Came across those in the string dump but I figured there might've been a way to test for it using a string to represent the perk.
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    Question Testing for a perk in a level

    How would I get a boolean for whether or not a perk was in a level? I've tried isDefined("specialty_additionalprimaryweapon") and isDefined(level._custom_perks["specialty_additionalprimaryweapon"]) and both neither work. Trying to use it within an if statement.
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    Question Printing a percent sign in a string

    How would I make a percent sign display as a percent sign instead of a period? I've tried escape methods like %% and \%, but no luck.
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    Question Testing for if a player has the Zombie Blood power-up

    Would there be a way to detect if a player has Zombie Blood activated? If so, I'd like to know. Thanks in advance.