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    No "Mods" entry in Main Menu - BO PC

    Perhaps your mods folder is empty?
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    No "Mods" entry in Main Menu - BO PC

    Hey! You actually need to create the mods folder in your root directory
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    Tutorial Hook demonstration for the Rust programming language

    Here's a simple demonstration that showcases the possibility of internal detouring with the Rust programming language Note that 1.2.211 is used as a proof of concept only. I also already released it under a previously ( now unused ) alias on a different forum.
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    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Singleplayer/Spec Ops Survival Mod PC/PS3[V0.7] + Source Code

    Hey, it looks sick! I have not expected path nodes to be so "smooth" outside of bounds. Looking forward to upcoming updates, any plan for a github repository perhaps?
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    Tutorial GNU Toolchain demonstration for Cell OS Lv-2

    Here's a sample that showcases an automated usage of the GNU Toolchain for Cell OS.