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    GSC Black Ops 3 GSC Managed Code List

    There anything for Revelations bosses and wasps/parasites and any of the other maps ai or boss battles
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    Request the Campaign and Zombie Loadouts

    Could the Campaign and Zombie weapons not including wonder weapons and upgraded ones plus the Strela-3 and Valkyrie Launcher come to MP Create a class at some point as i have the _heatseekingmissile.gsc edited for it
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    Release Black Ops 2 GSC Managed Code List

    If so how would it be done
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    Release Black Ops 2 GSC Managed Code List

    There a way to get the dog spawner to work on tranzit not just survival same with nuketowns dog spawner
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    Request Black Ops 2 GSC Injector for Pluto T6

    good to know and good luck amazing job so far
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    Release Plutonium T6 Released!! (Friday 13, 2018)

    Question for mp will campaign weapons be available and for zombies will it be possible to recompile the .map dump with added spawners and a way to add new ai like the hellhounds to any map?
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    Question Setting up ai types

    Since BO2 has it could I patch ents and spawners into maps or use other sound files and the survival patch from town for assets for like SpawnActor( aitype, origin, angles, targetname, forcespawn, etc
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    Question Raw scripts

    is there a updated script and asset dump for Black ops 3 since this one is outdated and with updated scripts from the maps and raw?
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    Release Black Ops 2 GSC Managed Code List

    is there a spawnactor() function in here
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    Question stringtables

    is there a tool that can edit string tables or a way in script
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    Answered Weapon requests

    i have the weapon files all it needs are the models and anims
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    Question Hellhounds

    Is it possible to load a ff with the hellhounds aitype, sounds, fx, anims and models onto another map or a way to get them
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    Question Adding perks to COD4

    could someone lend a hand on adding the 4 launchers from cod4 the Stinger, Javelin, AT4 and RPG as perk Teri 1 perks for Multiplayer and maybe how to edit the creat a class to add weapons and equipment ?
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    Answered Weapon requests

    Ok what about the Strela-3, Valkyrie Launcher, and RPG-7 from BO1 and the FIM-92 Stinger from the modern Warfare series