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  1. Christien

    Release DevilEye COD: Black ops 4 hack Aimbot | Esp | No fps drop | Private | Limited Slots

    Impressive tool, I would buy it if I had that type of money, but sadly I'm not at that age to maintain a currency xD! Nice release overall!
  2. Christien

    Release Name Changer

    Nice release! Thank you for it! C:
  3. Christien

    I'm back from a long break of family spending and relaxation. I'm back to explore this website...

    I'm back from a long break of family spending and relaxation. I'm back to explore this website and the wonders of modding again! C:
  4. Christien

    Release Black Ops 3 GSC Mod Menu Base by CabCon | Simple +Source and Download

    you don't use (), you just do self addOpt("main_mods", "KN-44", &func_give_weapon, "ar_standard"); I believe this is correct :)
  5. Christien

    Question BO2 mod error

    Look at your init() function over?
  6. Christien

    Question Precaching Models in BO3 Zombies

    Yo so, how does Precaching models in bo3 work? I've tried precaching it and it doesn't function properly.
  7. Christien

    Question May sound dumb, RGH / JTAG help

    yea i got the answer yesterday shortly after, sorry. I was over thinking it xD
  8. Christien

    Question May sound dumb, RGH / JTAG help

    Hi, so my quick question is how can you convert one file with coding for a menu on it into a file that is readable for an RGH / JTAG? I have a menu base from BO2 I am using and I coded onto it, and I don't know how to make it so my friend can put it on his JTAG / RGH. *Sorry if it's a dumb...
  9. Christien

    DVAR help

    I assume this is for PC correct?
  10. Christien

    Preview GSC in Call of Duty: WW2?

    I like the idea of opening new ways for COD:WW2 to be modded. :)
  11. Christien

    Power V21 Sprx [Free Download]

    Nice menu Syndicate! :) I like the fade of colors at the top and the simplistic design.
  12. Christien

    Question How do you make a GTA 5 Mod Menu And A Mod Menu Loader

    Well, first it depends on the console you are using. For example: now-a-days if you are using PC you can use the Xeno64 injector with a .dll file. If you have XBOX / PS you need a modded console. I'd suggest you learn the language of mod menus on GTA V which I believe in C++. Start there...
  13. Christien

    hi! :D

    hi! :D
  14. Christien

    Hello fellas

    Nice! CabCon gave you the link in the post ^ and it’ll take you to our Fortnite section! :)
  15. Christien


    Hi there!
  16. Christien

    Release WW2 Zombies Weapon ID List (PC)

    Thank you! This will come in handy for a lot of people! :)
  17. Christien

    What do you mean?

    What do you mean?
  18. Christien

    Answered How to make a Zombie mod menu on PC

    When I sent that I was looking at the your comment wrong XD. I meant to say that certain aspects of the code such as multiplier includes and multiplayer scripts can just be modified to zombies. :)