1. CF4_99

    Release GTA 5 Service SAFE/CHEAP

    Note: I Will Only Need To Be On Your Account For The Unlock All. Everything Else Can Be Done In A Private Lobby Account Recovery Not Required $8(EACH): - Any Rank - $8 - Money Drop(As Much As You Want) - $8 Account Recovery Required $10: Will Include Rank And Money - Unlock All - Max...
  2. Quacked420

    Question [C# PS3] Rank Modification Not Working Correctly

    Hello, I'm messing around modding BO3 on PS3 with an RTM tool and everything is working perfectly apart from when I attempt to modify my rank using public static uint Rank = 937289176u - 94u; and PS3.SetMemory(Addresses.Rank, BitConverter.GetBytes((uint)numericUpDown2.Value)); my rank does...
  3. D

    [REQUEST] I need Black Ops 1 multiplayer Stat files

    Yo ccm! It's ya boi back again! Look, as the title^^ says, I need the bo1 mp stat files asap! What I need is the "profiles" folder in your root bo1 folder. It would be amazing if the stats you send are 1000% complete (ie max level, prestige, pro perks, etc). The thing is, I deleted my stats by...