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    xenForo - Waindigo ConvAccess 1.0.1

    Conversations Access by Waindigo 1.0.1a Allows you to have one accesses all messages from users Screens: Download - https://mega.nz/#!YJ0R2DLY Key - !aehZL02zdrrdf3sdcbS50D1dSWowFQ5LnOt1XqXX3Js Virus Scan - Antivirus scan for...
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    xenForo - TaigaChat BOT Activity shoutbox

    Hello :) Following several requests I finally decided explained to you how to speak the BOT or other member during an activity on the forum, in other a thread to create or an answer is to choose. Here is the final rendering: You will then unlock the activities on the shoutbox. Part...
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    xenForo - BOT online

    Hey D Well, a lot of people wanted to know how to make the famous online bot on 24h / 24 See how: Fashion model: Sidebar_online_users Search: <H3> {xen: phrase staff_online_now} </ h3> Delete: <Xen: contentcheck> Copy and paste below: <Ul> <Li>...
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    xenForo - Forum icons rotates 360 degrees

    Template: Extra.css code: .node .forumNodeInfo .nodeIcon: hover, .node .categoryForumNodeInfo .nodeIcon: hover { -webkit-transform: rotate (360deg); -moz-transform: rotate (360deg); -or-transform: rotate (360deg); } .node .forumNodeInfo .nodeIcon, .node .categoryForumNodeInfo...
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    xenForo - Change Link of admin.php tutorial

    Hello, Here is how to change the link from your XenForo admin.php dashboard. In your FTP Rename the admin.php file you want example: test.php Then in the library / XenForo / Craft link.php Make ctrl f to search, typed admin.php and Search launched Rename admin.php your php just before...
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    xenForo - Protect admin.php link with a password

    Hello, Here is how to secure the admin.php link with htpasswd which requires a login and password. First, go here Htpasswd Generator – Create htpasswd - Htaccess Tools - Create an htpasswd password This site believes you htpasswd Let's take for example: - Log in: admin - Password: admin...