50% off my first three buyers 10 dollar dark aether :P 15 dollar maxlvl DA and MaxWeaponLVL


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$3.00 Gold for a Gun +max level for it
$4.00 1 diamond weapon type + max level for them (SMG and ARs)
$5.50 Diamond for + max level for them (Smgs and ARS)
$10.00 Temp account (can last up to a day or maybe permanent)
$10.00 Max weapon level for all guns or max level up to 1000
$20.00 Dark aether (5dollar charge if you need weapons higher)
$20.00 Max weapon level and what ever level you want up to 1000
$30.00 All services listed above for 30 bucks. $30.00 for method for temp accs
Dm me if you want info on the mod
Disclaimer i am not at fault if you get banned this is a low possibility of you getting banned but still a risk nonetheless ||
Will only refund if you did not get the full service you just paid for
Discord server is here
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Discord acc KingxFinal#0420