A Reappearance, Not An Introduction


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Greetings all,

For those who know me, this is probably just going to be a recap on everything you already know. However, if you do know me; It's lovely to see you again! We all need a recap, aha.

Anyways, let me introduce myself for those who don't know me. My Alias is Matt, however this may or may-not be my real name, (I'll let those who get close decide :smile: ). I'm 16 and from the North-West of England. I work as a full-time Back-End Web Developer, currently completing my Apprenticeship for two Level 3 diplomas, hence why I'm currently Moderating the Web-Development section and potentially bringing over-all improvements to the site :smile: (I'd love to thank @CabCon for this opportunity, for those curious on why I've seemingly just joined the site and suddenly gained Moderator- I use to Moderate the whole site back in 2016, as far back as the MyBB days).

I'm currently working on a few client websites, however I have a fair bit of spare time these days, so if anyone has any web-orientated questions feel free to ask away!

I care for a Dog and a Lizard, so if anyone can relate feel free to link pictures of your animals below, I'd love to find out what you all have! (I'm also very in-to Watches, Bikes and cars, so feel free to post them too!).

Anyways, that's all for now. It's lovely to meet a lot of new people here.