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Hello all, I thought I'd do this since I'm an active member on CabCon modding now, due to a partnership and loving to chat with a few of you!

So let me get into this, I'm a coder I've learned from Hyodessi and a few other resources in classes. I have a few certifications in networking and security for computers as I've been working my way up on the world. I do not wish to go into IT as it's more of a hobby for me, I intend on joining the U.S. Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard within a year or 2 minimum. I've been interested into computers ever since I was 10 and I learn more on a weekly base. Do I work on other programs apart from cheating and do other things? Yes. I do a lot of other things other then coding cheats, I build fun programs (not colourful coding) something more like black and white. If you have any questions feel free to just leave a comment, I'll love to answer your questions 1 by 1 (As long as they're not retarded and immature of a 4 year old) thank you.