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Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by Starh, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Starh

    Starh #include stdafx.h Premium Member

    Hey there everyone. I see that we're getting into modding for mobile devices. So, let me be clear with a few things. There aren't any such thing as unlimited gold or gems etc on a server host. Such as Supercell's OFFICAL server for clash. Do not trust the stuff that says that. There are a few other ways, however it will require jailbreak since as far as I know there are no such thing otherwise without it. However if you do have jailbreak, Xmod is a very nice program to use. Contains a screen recorder, and many mods to improve your skills into gaming. Just open Cydia and search xmod and it shall work. I'll also upload a tutorial on how to jail break on any iOS device when I have time. Enjoy.
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  2. Harry

    Harry I'm 'Serious'ly a better Developer

    If your looking at iDevice modification, a jailbreak is next to mandatory. I never recommend using your main phone IF YOU HAVE two, because it WILL dramatically lower the devices response rate and processing power :/

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