Best Free and Paid Programming Apps!


You are very limited to what you can do on a apple device when you compare it to an android device. So, for those who like to mess around with code, maybe want to learn how to code, while on the go! Then this thread is for you!

This is a free editor, however it requires for you to have an account so you can save your files on the go.

Code Anywhere is a fast and light editor designed for those who are on the go! You can easily hook this up VIA FTP, or even we'll connect it to your GitHub account! One of the great things about this app is that you can sadly upload your files while you are on the go!

Features: Syntax Highlighting for more than 75 language.
Auto complete for HTML, XML, CSS, PYTHON and so much more!
Keyboard has been customised for developers.
Cursor navigation for easy text selection.
Auto Indentetion
Advanced search for files/folders.
World wrap!
This app is very basic and is for those who just want to simply create and design wed pages!

Features: syntax highlighting
Connect your HTML document to CSS, JS, JQuery and other languages using there folder directory.
Preview your project in a fully functional web browser!
Upload and share files with easy
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support!

You also have the ability to choose from a whole bunch of templates which suits your needs. All these designs are web responsive, meaning that they support tablet and PC browsers.
Time to code is a comprehensive serious of bite sized tutorials for anyone who wants to learn to code on there iPhone or tablet!

A power IDE inside the app, which helps along side learning how to code!

Update: have a lil break then will add some more!