Question Black Ops 1 "Mod Menu's" and Online services.


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Recently I have been getting back into Call Of Duty. I use to play on console originally back when the games first came out. Now that I am playing them from computer, I was looking for was to fast-track the levels and such. Seemingly "Unlock All" tools are non-existent for B01 Online, but I see many for BO3. I am unsure if such a tool exists or if one is even possible. I see that the BO1 menus have options like "force host" and "Prestige 15" but I have never had one of those working.I see tutorials about how to input a menu into black ops, but no one actually shows it functioning online. Is this because that's not even possible, or am I just completely missing something?


Based off my own personal findings I don't think that this is possible. At least anymore, but if it was at some point (via menu, servers, etc) then why isn't it now.