Question Black Ops 2 Zombies .ff Files


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First post here, while I still have read many threads and posts about gsc's scripting.
My question goes as follows:
Is it possible to modify let's say zm_tranzit_patch and inject that patch into the game? Reason for that being is that I would like to "unpatch" some of the map glitches and make them work again. I'm passionate about it and I've done that on BLOPS1 by editing the gscs and compiled the patch with mod tools. I've also made a videos showcasing those "old glitches" on YouTube and I would like to do the same for BLOPS2.

If anyone can help or guide me to the right direction how it could be done in BLOPS2, I would be very happy and a thankful dude.

Thanks for reading & answering if you come up with any answers!