Tutorial Black Ops 3 Mega Gobblegums changer - Cheat Engine file/Tutorial


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*I just saw this tutorial somewere and reposting it here edited after like, 4 years and unfortunately cant remember the original poster, will edit it in the future to add.
*Only tested it in V88's FitGirl and SKIDROW pirated versions, still not steam. (offline testings only)
*it also works to repeat gobblegums

Some CT files done with the respectivegums:
those to enjoy playing, jut to get to rounds and all the ones who i got an error separated in 3 files.

=== Changing classic gobblegum into a mega gobblegum. ===

The classic gobblegums name must be the same length or longer than the mega, otherwise when you edit the values, you end up overwriting bytes.

Only use this offline or you will be VAC banned.

1. Choose a classic gobblegum and the mega you want.
For this example I will be turning Arms Grace into Perkaholic.

2. Convert ASCII to HEX and put in the name of the classic gobblegum in lowercase.
arms_grace = becomes 61 72 6d 73 5f 67 72 61 63 65

3. Open cheat engine and attach to process.

4. Change Value Type to "Array of Byte" and search for that hex string you converted earlier.

5. Once its finished searching, copy all the values it finds to the address list below.

6. Now use the ASCII Converter again to convert the mega gobblegum name to HEX.
perkaholic = 70 65 72 6b 61 68 6f 6c 69 63

61 72 6d 73 5f 67 72 61 63 65
70 65 72 6b 61 68 6f 6c 69 63

If the mega gobblegum name is shorter than the classic one, go to step 6a, if not go to 7.

6a. Take the hex string for the mega gobblegum and add 00s on the end until it is the same length as the classic gum. For example if the classic gobble gum is 12 letters long, and the mega is only 8, add on four lots of 00, so it looks like this ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 00 00 00. Where ?? is your converted string.

7. Change all the values in the address list to your new mega gobblegum value. after ticking the item it should inject to the game, it can take up to 20-30 minutes maximum on a low-end notebook, higher=better

8. Go into game and bam, the gobblegum should be changed.


Do it yourself

1. Load up the cheat table included in the OP

2. Copy paste any script already included

3. Right click the script and select "change script"

4."Local Pattern" is the name of the Gobblegum you want to replace in Hex

Follow step 2 in the original post.

5."Local Replace" is the gobblegum you want to use.

Same thing.Follow the OP

It then should look something like this:

local pattern = "66 69 72 69 6e 67 5f 6f 6e 5f 61 6c 6c 5f 63 79 6c 69 6e 64 65 72 73"
local replace = "77 61 6c 6c 5f 70 6f 77 65 72 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"

(this is Now You See Me replaced by Perkaholic)

6.Press OK

7.Double click the name to change it

8.Save the updated table for future use

DLC gumballs work.

I tried it with Crawl Space and it worked 100%.

- - - Updated - - -

Also,this literally applies to only one or two gobblegums,but you not only have to write the name in lowercase and with underscore for spaces,but there also can't be any special characters

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