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Hello everyone,

I had a quick question pertaining to menus and ZC. Way back, and if any of you remember, I purchased CxCheats for Black Ops 3 pretty much because of the sole intent of it giving access to ZC for free. Unfortunately, about a year or so ago all their COD mods got shut down and now looking I don't even think they exist anymore completely. There were other benefits to it too, but nothing that you can't get now from other menus, but I primarily bought it for said ZC reason. It's a long story as to why I cannot just purchase it on my steam account that has my BO3 - because trust me if I could I would. My question is, is there anything new out there that someone could direct me towards that has similar functionality? I really don't care about hacks or anything. I just want to play the ZC maps with the account I have put all my time in and not on some fresh account that I have to fork up $60 for.

Any information would be useful,