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Cooljay has given myself permission to release his Zombieland on CCM,enjoy.


Welcome to my gamemode fellow modders. This gamemode is a take off "Shark's Original Zombieland" which is known by many, this project is my envisionment on that gamemode having recoded the entirety of it. Different from the original this consist of gameplay mechanic changes, new features, and stability in terms of no freezes and elimination of all bugs and glitches. This gamemode was designed to mimick Treyarch's Original Zombies so it has alot of similarities which for players who are familiar with will be able to get use to quite easily. This project took me a year to develop so i hope a vast majority of the community can come to appreciate this gamemode, and make value of the source code that i tried to keep clean as possible for coders to read.


Gamemode Objective:
The gamemode consist of two teams, "Humans" and "Zombies". When the game starts each player will be "Human" and then there is a short period of time before a random player is selected to be the first "Zombie", then their objective is to eliminate all "Humans". Each time a "Zombie" kills a "Human" that "Human" becomes infected and converts to a "Zombie" and will continue to be until the game is over. The "Humans" objective is to survive as long as they possibly can. Both teams players can earn points by killing the players on the opposite team. During the game both teams will have the ability to interact with objects and purchase numerous items in order to give them an advantage over other players.

Gamemode Features:
- The game times how long you can survive and display "Humans" survival time at the end of the game.

- As time goes by in the game so does the amount of points earned for "Humans" and "Zombies" for the following: "Human" Survivor Bonus, "Human" Door Repairs, "Zombie" Kills, "Zombie" Non Lethal Kills, "Zombie" Deaths, "Zombie" Door Damage, "Zombie" Turret Damage.

- "Zombies" who leave the game and rejoin regardless of changing their clan tag will still be assigned as a "Zombie" when they rejoin until the current game is finished.

- If a "Zombie" leaves while being the only "Zombie" another random player will be selected to be a "Zombie".

- Within the code of the gamemode all configurable/tweakable settings are list at the top in the main.gsc for players who want to fine tune the gamemode to there liking, although i wouldn't recommend personally as i have already setup the gamemode to be as balanced as possible.

- "Humans" will be able to purchase items via their menu such as: Perks, Equipment, Weapons, Attachments, Defenses, Support.

- "Humans" can use Doors as a temporary defense to protect themselves from "Zombies" that are trying to get to them, these Doors can be destroyed by "Zombies" but can be later repaired by "Human" players which grants that "Human" whom repaired it additional points.

- "Humans" can purchase Wall Weapons which will give them the corresponding weapon as well as allow them to come back at any point and purchase ammo for that gun while currently in their inventory.

- "Humans" can purchase uses for Mystery Box's to obtain random weapons.

- "Humans can use the Pack-a-Punch to upgrade there weapons to be twice as strong, as well as can be upgraded multiple times to acquire additional elemental effects for the weapon such as Blast Furnace, Dead Wire, Thunder Wall, Fireworks, Scorching Inferno, Doomsday Devastation, and Poseidon's Wrath to help kill "Zombies" faster with more style.

- "Humans" can interact with Power-Ups that randomly drop after killing a "Zombie" which can either grant the player or all players special abilities such as: Max Ammo, Insta-Kill, Double Points, Nuke, Fire Sale, Free Perk, Zombie Blood, Death Machine.

- "Humans" will earn different amounts of points per shot depending on the type of damage they do, the following being: melee, headshot, projectile, explosive, non lethal damage.

- "Humans" will obtain Survivor Bonus points every time a "Human" on their team dies.

- "Zombies" will be able to purchase items via their menu such as: Equipment, Zombies Types.

- "Zombies" progressively get stronger as the time goes by gaining more health, points, and damage for certain things.

- "Zombies" can use their weapons in order to damage doors, which will gain them points in doing so aswell as open the door to them once destroyed.

In Depth Log of Features
- Perk hud removed for hud element space

- Scorestreaks Disabled in a way that allows you to use grenade launcher attachment, and select fire attachment.

- Tac-45 starting weapon

- Random camo for knifes

- Random character model for "Humans"

- Create Wall, Create Ramp, Create Grid, Create Model, Create Elevator, Create Door functions rewritten with more arguments for more advanced alignment and positioning, as well as being compatible with any model of choice.

- Create Door alignment during creation is better.

- Opening/Closing a Door by "Humans" is done by knifing the actual Door now (Thanks to Loz for creating this).

- Door damage by "Zombies" is done by actually damaging the Door now (Thanks to Loz for creating this).

- Interactive Door message is now aligned perfectly centered with the Door so it can be seen from each edge of the Door.

- Doors can be repaired by "Humans" once destroyed by holding the corresponding button displayed on there screen when near them.

- Create Turret faces a different angle

- Turrets can be damaged by "Zombies" which will give them points for doing so.

- Turrets die when the "Human" owner dies.

- Create Wall Weapon will allow you to purchase the corresponding weapon on the wall as well as buy ammo for it while you have the weapon in your inventory, if your weapon is pack-a-punched it will cost more for ammo.

- Mystery Box has timing very similar to the original Mystery Box from Treyarch Zombies.

- Mystery Box will not give or scroll past a weapon that you already have in your inventory while you are using it.

- Mystery Box times out just like the teddy bear from Treyarch Zombies, after 7 definite rolls then the rest being 50% chance to time out, the Mystery Box will switch to a random location out of all locations possible, this will only happen if there are more then 1 locations defined.

- Mystery Box gives "Human" their points back if the Mystery Box times out.

- Create Pack-a-Punch will allow you to upgrade your current weapon to make it twice as strong, as well as double pack-a-punch in order to get a random elemental effect for your gun those being: Blast Furnace, Dead Wire, Thunder Wall, Fireworks, Scorching Inferno, Doomsday Devastation, Poseidon's Wrath as well as a corresponding camo depending on which elemental effect you have.

- Weapon and equipment now have correct display names

- GivePlayerWeaponAttachment will allow you to give up to 3 attachments for a players current weapon checking whether or not they already have it or it conflicts with another attachment, as well as keeping the current camo for that gun also.

- New introduction design that waits for a player to press the corresponding button on screen before spawning in, this does not stop the game from finshing.

- Blood Sky

- After Match Lobby Message Host Only

- Disabled Team Change

- Power-Ups based off Treyarchs Zombies Power-Ups which have proper models, fxs, and shaders. These Power-Ups only have 26 seconds to be picked up by "Humans" before disappearing forever.

- Picking up a Power-Up while there is already one currently in use will just overwrite the previous Power-Up that was in progression.

- Max Ammo gives maximum amount of stock ammo for every "Humans" guns in a their inventory.

- Insta-Kill makes all "Zombies" 1 shot to die for 30 seconds this applies to equipment and defenses aswell.

- Double Points gives all "Humans" double the amount of points per shot, kill, nuke, and door repair for 30 seconds.

- Nuke kills all "Zombies" on the map as well as gives all "Humans" 400 addtional points.

- Fire Sale makes all Mystery Box locations on the map available as well as the price be deducted to only 10 points for 30 seconds.

- Free Perk will give the "Human" who obtained the Power-Up a random perk that they do not currently have.

- Zombie Blood makes "Human" who obtained the Power-Up 30 seconds of invisibility.

- Death Machine gives the "Human" who obtained the Power-Up a Death Machine for 30 seconds.

- Knife Flip allows player to flip their knifing while holding out their knife and holding the reload button.

- Advanced UFO Mode which allows you to not only move forward but up, down, left, right.

- Paintbrush lets you paint a trail of fxs at your crosshairs.

- Force Host

- Anti End Game

- Auto Restart

- Advanced Forgemode which moves of the point you aimed at rather then centers to your crosshair allowing for more precision whilst trying to close gaps between the model. you can also well rotate the model on the x, y, z axis, and copy/delete the model. It also shows the map model number, model name, model origin, model angles if you have developer mode enabled.

- Forge Editor lets you create a map edit while in game by defining the origins for placement using your controller/keyboard, if developer mode is enabled it will also display the coordinates of these forge functions.

- Developer Mode gives all player godmode and infinite points, it stops the game from ending and adds a button bind for displaying your current origin. It will display information for all models picked up or forge functions created at the top of the screen until disabled.

- Give Host Privileges will give a player access to all features in the Host and Players menu but won't be able to kick or freeze the host.

- Change To Human

- Change To Zombie

- New Money Hud Design

- Removal of purchasing health in the game, "Zombies" obtain health as the game progress and "Humans" can purchase Juggernog to increase there health to 5 knife hits before dying.

- Custom Create Hud functions which align to the players safe area.

- Around 38 different changeable settings within the gsc.

- Clear Strings

- Overflow Fix By CoolJay

- Game checks if its team deathmatch and if it isn't the game will back out to the lobby.

- "Humans" get different amount of points per type of damage they deal for the following: melee, headshot, projectile, explosive, non lethal damage.

- Add Menu arguments are changed so that the title of a menu is the same as string name for that menu.

- Add Menu Option arguments changed to allow for shaders and personal preference.

- Menu Base Engine recoded, removing unnecessary arrays/variables used in previous menus created before.

- Custom Menu Base with animated custom lightning background, menu header for each submenu, submenu text transitions.

- Infinite Menu Option Pageing displaying 12 menu options at a time before turning the page.

- Menu Option Shaders for equipment, weapons, and attachments.

- Juggernog gives "Human" 750 health (5 knife hits until death)

- Double Tap II makes all weapons fired by 'Human" shot 2 bullets at once (doesn't consume extra ammo) giving twice the damage.

- Speed Cola speeds up "Human" reload speed time and alot of other speed times for other things.

- Stamin-Up increases "Human" movement speed.

- Mule Kick allows "Human" to hold up to 3 maximum primary weapons (from 2).

- Electric Cherry electrocutes all "Zombies" within radius of the "Human" who is reloading, it also grants immunity to shock charges, and Electric Zombies.

- PhD Flopper gives "Human" resistance to explosives, immunity to flashbangs, concussion grenades, fall damage, and Napalm Zombies, as well as when they dolphin dive it creates a explosion around them damaging any "Zombies" within radius.

- Deadshot Daquiri makes it so when "Human" aims down sight and there is a "Zombie" within sight it aims at the their head, allowing the "Human" to get a headshot kill on them almost everytime, killing the "Zombie" quicker and earning more points in doing so.

- Stealth Aid gives "Human" toggleable infrared vision and lets them see all zombies on minimap, as well as see equipment through walls, and walk quieter.

- Ammo-Ficiency makes it so the "Human's" ammo is only deducted from their current weapons (non duel wielded weapons) clip every
2nd bullet, as well as give them 10% (20% for duel wield weapons) ammo of their current weapons max stock size perk kill.

- Manuel Turret can only be operated "Humans".

- Auto Turret is an automatic turret that fires at "Zombies" when nearby, and cannot not be manually used.

- Kamikaze Bomber damages all "Zombies" within impact radius.

- Scorestreaks that stop correctly on death.

- Riot Zombie gives "Zombie" a bunch of equipped shield to there body protecting them from damage.

- Cyborg Zombie gives "Zombie" super speed and a cyborg look.

- Electric Zombie can explode on command which will stun all nearby "Humans" as well as deal small amounts of damage, they will explode regardless on death if they have not exploded beforehand. They are also immune to Electric Cherry and Dead Wire.

- Napalm Zombie will make it so when "Zombie" is near other "Humans" they will take slow burn damage while in range as well as can explode on command, and if not will explode when killed. They are also immune to PhD Flopper and Blast Furnace.

- Etheric Zombie can teleport to their crosshairs at any point and will go invisible for that short period of time, this is useful when "Humans" are up on a high ledge for example.

- Juggernaut Zombie is a medium tank zombie type which gets a very large considerable amount of health as well as can throw objects at players from a distance such as cars, crates etc. It also slows their speed down for that cost.

- Goliath Zombie is the biggest tank zombie type which's get a extreme large amount of health matched with a Lightmachine Gun to use.

- A bunch of mathematical and cool gsc utilities within the gsc that can be used for alot of multi purpose things.

Updates Log:
10/20/2016: Update 1.4


- Drone Map Edit.
- Ammo-Ficiency makes it so the "Human's" ammo is only deducted from their current weapons (non duel wielded weapons) clip every 2nd bullet, as well as give them 10% (20% for duel wield weapons) ammo of their current weapons max stock size perk kill.
- Free Perk Power-Up now gives points instead of a Perk once you have obtained all Perks.
- Fireworks now has heat seeking effect, the duration of it increases per kill, as well as does extra damage if the user has Double Tap II.
- Thunderwall now has ragdoll effect on "Zombies", and has a cylinder shaped range.
- Launcher Attachment.
- Select Fire Attachment.
- Goliath Zombie.
- Etheric Zombie now has a Ballistic Knife
- Change All Players To Human.
- Change All Players To Zombie.
- Kill Points hud.
- Axis visual for Forge Mode.
- Starting points are increased as the game progresses.


- Blast Furnace fx now plays on "Zombies" head.
- Dead Wire fx now plays on "Zombies" head.
- PhD Flopper damage decreased
- PhD Flopper doesn't activate unless the user dives from a significant enough height.
- Electric Cherry damage decreased
- Electric Cherry range is now determined by how much ammo you have in your current weapons clip.
- Electric Cherry stuns "Zombies".
- Thunderwall recharge delay increased.
- Fireworks damage increased.
- Fireworks duration increased.
- Scorching Inferno damage decreased.
- Pack-a-Punch weapon ablities activate on enemy hit correctly.
- Can now be seen by other "humans" while using Zombie Blood Power-Up.
- Power-Up drop chance decreases as the game progresses.
- Power-Up drop limit added to prevent shaders from dissapearing.
- Repairing Doors is now done by holding the Melee Button, allowing "Humans" to use their weapons while repairing a Door.
- Riot Zombie health increased.
- Cyborg Zombie health increased.
- Etheric Zombie health increased.
- Item prices modified.
- Error Messages diplay in better order.


- Deadshot Daquri is now avalible via Free Perk Power-Up.
- Cannot purchase a second Warthog while one is currently in progress.
- Can now buy ammo for duel wielded weapons from wallweapons.
- Cannot replace the deathmachine to increases weapon inventory space.
- Hybrid Optic Attachment issues resolved.
- Picking up a weapon from the Pack-a-Punch will replace your current weapon if your weapon inventory space is full.
- Pack-a-Punch doesn't display purchase message while holding a unsupported weapon.
- Multiple Pack-a-Punch abilites don't stack for your weapon next bullet anymore.

- Napalm Zombie fx positioned better.
- Zombies can't pickup weapons now (was supposed to be fixed previous update my apologizes).
- Insta-Kill code redesigned to keep memory of "Zombies" health.
- Purchasing a Zombie Type while effected by Poseidons Wrath no longer resets your speed.

- Forge Mode no longer freezes the game.
- Zombie Difficulty doesn't change until Zombiefication is completed.
- Starting points is given when players are completely spawned in now (preventing them from receiving Survior Bonus Points).
- PhD Flopper, Electric Cherry, and Juggernaught Zombie no longer freeze the game in some rare cases.
- Anti Join now works correctly.
- Players no longer have collision during loading screen.
- Players game score stats now reset on death correctly.
- Players Interactive Messages now dissapear on death.
- Interactive Messages now dissapear when the game ends.
- Variables in code optimized to prevent Script Variable Errors from happening as often.


- 60K XP Bonus
- Kill-Cam per player death.

9/8/2016: Update 1.3


- Doomsday Devastation.
- Electric Zombie.
- Napalm Zombie is now immune to PhD Flopper.
- Napalm Zombie is now immune to Blast Furnace.
- Napalm Zombie is now resistant to explosive damage.
- Juggernaught Zombie now has a characteristic fx.
- Can give players money in more different intervals.
- Redesigned Scorching Inferno completely.
- Human starting money now increases overtime so that when players spawn in late they have a better chance at survival.
- In game map Brushs can now be moved and deleted within map edits.
- Forge Mode is now compatible with Brushs in the map.
- Alignment for huds now goes off players safe area.
- Weapons are now disabled while repairing door because you couldn't use regardless.
- CreateDoor() function now doesn't use any custom angle arguments, the angles for them are calculated automatically now.


- Turret health has been decreased.
- "Zombies" damage against turrets no longer increases over time.
- PhD Flopper no longer gives immunity to shock charges, instead Electric Cherry will.
- Riot Zombie health increased.
- Door message range increased.
- Door repair range increased.
- Players Menu doesn't display the clan tags of players now.
- Players Menu scroller position doesn't reset everytime you go into it now.
- Thunderwall damage increased
- Blast Furnace range increased.
- Power-Ups pick up shaders sizes increased.
- Removed Stealth Chopper as it could be exploited to get alot of points.


- PhD Flopper doesn't accidentally explode multiple times now.
- Poseidons Wrath slowing effect on "Zombies" not resetting after finished is now fixed.

9/1/2016: Update 1.2


- Aftermath Map Edit.
- Map Edit Maker Name.


- Modified model placement in multiple maps.


- Zombie Blood and Teleporter Zombie no longer cause players to sometimes be invisible upon respawn.
- You can now change the map in game and still have players be able to join your game.
- When changing map in game it now display the correct map name, map image, and information to go with that map during the loading screen.

8/29/2016: Map Edits


- Hijacked Map Edit.

8/28/2016: Update 1.1


- Deadshot Daquiri.
- Addtional code for CreateWaypoint() function to free up shader space.
- Remade Standoff map edit.
- Extra barricade on Turbine.
- Ablity for zombies to damage turrets (I intiatlly thought this was already implemented but was wrong).
- Turrets die when the "Human" owner for them dies.
- You now get your money back if the mysterybox times out after you purchased it.
- Max Ammo spawns twice as frequently now.
- "Zombies" no longer die attempting to use a turret they just can't use it now.
- Radar for "Zombies".
- Random "Zombie" is not selected until atleast 2 or more players have proceeded past the introduction screen.
- Having PhD Flopper will make you immune to Napalm Zombie's explosive and radius damage.


- Napalm Zombie no longer gets points from doing radius damage, was causing them to obtain large sums of points.
- Napalm Zombie radius damage range decreased.
- Napalm Zombie damage reworked.
- Juggernaught Zombie damage decreased dealing random amounts of damage to "Humans" now.
- Juggernaught Zombie price increased.
- Electric Cherry time interval between each usage increased to 3 seconds, being that players could spam it.
- Electric Cherry damages deals random amounts of damage to "Zombies" now.
- PhD Flopper damages deals random amounts of damage to "Zombies" now.


- Door doesn't glitch out when being opened/closed while a "Zombie" damages it now.
- Mysterybox minimap hud no longer disapears after using a Loadstar.
- Game freezing sometimes after the game ends has been fixed.
- CreateGrid now faces the correct way.
- Fixed some grammar issues within some text.

8/25/2016: Release

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Injection and Setup:
Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio:
Open Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio and go to the "Connect" tab and connect to either your PS3, Xbox 360 or PC, once you are connected, run Black Ops II on your Console or PC and get into a "Pregame Lobby" whether you're at the "Main Menu" or in a "Custom Game Match" or "Public Game Match". In Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio go to the "Editor" tab and click the option "Inject compiled script file..." then you will need to go to where you downloaded "Zombieland By CoolJay.rar" and extract the rar file, you will need a unzip program to do this i suggest downloading WinRar to do this. Once extracted, open up the extracted folder and go in "Compiled" then "Console" if you're using a console or "PC" if you're using a PC, then you will see a folder called "maps". Click and drag "maps" into the window dialog on Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio and click "Inject list..." it should a few moments later pop up in the bottom left corner "Project injected successfully". Then on Black Ops II you will need to make sure the gamemode is set to "Team Deathmatch" before starting. You are now ready to start the game.

Alternatively you can inject directly by using "Inject to targert..." but its not optimal being that if you have roughly 10+ players in your lobby while playing you will get a overflow error.

Creating Map Edits:
You can use the Forge Editor feature in the menu to build map edits, use Developer Mode to enable information to pop up on screen when creating stuff. Once you place something down you will need to write down the coordinates and angles on screen into the gsc code in "maps.gsc" in the corresponding map function for the map you are working on.

Here are the arguments for the forge functions used within this gamemode:

CreateWall(model, start, end, lengthspace, heightspace, invisible)
CreateRamp(model, start, end, lengthspace, invisible)
CreateGrid(model, start, end, angles, lengthspace, widthspace, heightspace, invisible)
CreateModel(model, origin, angles, invisible)
CreatePortal(start, end, twoway, invisible)
CreateZipline(start, end, duration, twoway)
CreateElevator(model, start, end, angles, duration, waitduration)
CreateDoor(model, open, close, width, height, lengthspace, heightspace, duration, health)
CreateTurret(origin, angles)
CreateWallWeapon(weapon, origin, angles)
CreateMysteryBox(origin, angles)
CreatePackaPunch(origin, angles)
MoveModel(scriptmodelnumber, origin, angles)
MoveBrush(scriptbrushmodelnumber, origin, angles)

Here are some examples of those functions filled out:

CreateWall("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-381, -844, -68), (95, -660, 132), 72, 33, false);
CreateRamp("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-613, -744, -67), (-602, -248, 81), 33, false);
CreateGrid("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-387, -1124, -67), (340, -1947, -67), (0, -90, 0), 41, 72, 33, false);
CreateModel("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-613, -744, -67), (-602, -248, 81), false);
CreatePortal((137, -865, -67), (157, -570, -67), false, false);
CreateZipline((-600, -1380, -67), (353, -883, 66), 3, true);
CreateElevator("t6_wpn_supply_drop_axis", (-635, -590, -67), (-635, -590, 300), (0, 90, 0), 3, 1);
CreateDoor("t6_wpn_supply_drop_axis", (-495, -812, -67), (-41, -819, -67), 5, 2, 72, 33, 2, 30);
CreateTurret((0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0));
CreateWallWeapon("scar_mp", (-148, -642, -67), (0, 180, 0));
CreateMysteryBox((-41, -819, -67), (0, 0, 0));
CreatePackaPunch((-616, 56, -67), (0, 90, 0));
MoveModel(27, (-500, -456, 0), (0, 90, 0));
MoveBrush(14, (-600, -876, 0), (0, 0, 0));

When you are creating a CreateGrid in game, the angles for them are determined by which way you face when you select "Location 2" origin during creation.

Another thing regarding map edits these forge functions use different placement/addtional arguments from the original so if you want to use map edits from the Original Zombieland you will need convert them all.

Known Issues:
- The game can sometimes crash randomly when passing the 1 hour mark (this is due to the games limitations).
- The game can sometimes back you out with a Script Variable Error (this is due to the games limitations).

- I did not create the original idea of this gamemode Shark did, and since i made all the code from scratch as well as change alot of game play mechanical components i did not name this to be a "Edit" of his gamemode. So don't withhold me as the original creator of Zombieland.

- This project only comes with 5 map edits, Aftermath, Cargo, Hijacked, Standoff, Turbine which are all made by myself, once in every while i will try update this with new map edits as i get through all of them.

- This gamemode was designed for multiplayer so it will not work on zombies mode.

- CoolJay
- Shark
- Extinct
- Loz
- DemonicForce_AUS
- iAmCrystal
- Skonafid
- TheHiddenHour
- SneakerStreet
- TheNiceUb3r
- xTurntUpLobbies
- Im_YouViolateMe
- anthonything
- jwm614
- MCabCon
- ItsLollo1000
- CraigChrist8239
- Zeroy
- iMCSx
- dtx12
- GrabIt_2
If you believe i have missed you and you're not on the list let me know!