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    Black ops 2 Steam Managed Address List
    This is a thread where you can post your addresses for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam.
    Please find out if the codes accually work before you post them. And to set a good example I will post a few of my addresses for zombies:

    Player health: 021C5869 INT
    cg_fov: 02A188A0 FLOAT
    Self Money: 0234C068 INT
    weap_primary_bullet: 2346ECC INT
    weapon_secondary_bullet: 2346ED4 INT
    weapon_explosives: 2346ED0 INT
    weapon_equipment: 2346ED8 INT
    primary_weapon: 2346D04 INT
    secondary_weapon: 2346D3C INT
    g_speed: 29F6E20 FLOAT
    bg_gravity: 2A01AA0 FLOAT
    EnableInvulnerability: 2346AB8 INT ON=5/OFF=4
    setclientthirdperson: 2346B24 INT ON=1/OFF=0
    Rapid Fire Script
    Specialty_rof: 2346FEC INT ON=1048576/OFF=0
    perk_weapRateMultiplier: 2A04BC0 FLOAT ON=0.001/OFF = 1
    Just enable theese two addresses for rapid fire.
    Here is a small trainer made with almost all of theese, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

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