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Tutorial BO3 mods/Maps How to download from Workshop without Steam

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mapping Questions' started by patotu, May 9, 2018.

  1. patotu

    patotu Member

    You need:
    - Link mods o maps from Steam WorkShop
    - Website Steam WorkShop Downloader (beta)
    - Much patience (sometimes too much patience!!).

    This is an external link, has no connection with cabconmodding, therefore, there is no support for it.
    - For mods / maps less than 400mb, you will have a high possibility of downloading
    - For mods / maps over 400mb, you may get "error 504 gateway timeout" or "error 502 bad gateway". For these cases, with time and patience it may be possible to obtain the download
    - It is not known if it has limitation by region (it has not been my case).

    Tests carried out
    - To download less than 400mb, out of 10 attempts, 7 of them were successful. :wink:
    - To download more than 400mb, out of 10 attempts, 1 of them was successful. :disappointed:

    Get link from Steam WorkShop

    Go to website
    PS: No add link external, be sure to type it yourself

    Paste link and wait for the generation of the link, press download and by patience. (PATIENCE!!!!)

    Finally, my apologies for my bad English. Enjoy!!

    PS: For admins, feel free to delete this post if I have done something forbidden

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