CabConModding Video Sharing Network


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So, I stumbled across a very good video sharing CMS.
I am wondering, if we could have this externally ran, but link it with CCM database (maybe rehash the passwords) so CCM users can login to this software.

What is it, what can we do with it?
So this software will allow us to upload and manage videos, much like YouTube :grinning:
This will allow us to manage the videos and content that may go again CCM rules, or allow us to bypass rules on video sharing networks like YouTube. Not only that, but it can bring a bit of $$$ which we could put back into CCM for giveaways and premium accounts :grinning:

I would hope some of the senior members of CCM could have a think about the opportunities our own video management platform would be, and how we could integrate the two, between the forum and the video site.


Update 7/6 (7th of June)
I will be finalising my proof of concept tonight. I will upload several videos and short clips to it to showcase the functionality of this piece of software :grinning:
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