Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GSC Gamemode RP Jailbreak by xTiibo +Download


Hello Cabcon Modding, today I release my RP gamemode entitled Jailbreak.

This gamemode is based on the gamemode Murder with one more element that consists of escaping from the map, therefore I did map edits.

- Put TeamDeathmatch in gametype.
- Put several rounds in the options.
- Be 3 players minimum.
- Own a mic (I recommend to use the game chat for can to sometimes mute the guard) .
- The compatibles maps are : Cargo, Standoff & Express.
This role play includes 3 status :
- Guard: You have a shotgun, your role is to find the murderer for kill him, prevent prisonners from escaping and you can kill them if they dont obey your orders.
But "play the game", kill them only if it's necessary , give everytimes a warning before to shoot.
You must use your imagination to invent mini-games to do to the prisoners, you can use decors and animations present in the map.
You can locked a door by pressing △ / Y .

- Murderer : You have a knife that you can to do appear / disappear. To win the game you must to kill the guard or try to escape.

- Prisonner : You must obey the guard's orders and try to escape, you can find too flash grenades in secret rooms.

The exit door of the jail is showed at the beginning of the game. Press on use button for destroy it.

Map animations:

- 6 openable/closable lockable/unlockable doors.
- 2 lamps.
- Platform that sucks you and throws you on the other side of the map.
- Bathroom sink.
- Bottle dispenser.
- Destroyable Tv.
- 2 wallbreach ways.
- Camera : The guard can watch the exit door by pressing on dpad_up.

- 2 openable/closable lockable/unlockable doors.
- Pipe that sucks you and throws you on the other side.
- Water fountain .
- Bottle dispenser.
- Destroyable Tv.
- Teleport function for the gard.
- First train car special function.
- Bounce elevator.

- 4 openable/closable doors including 2 lockable/unlockable .
- a custom ladder.
- a rolling kebab.
- activable showers.
- a teleport door.
- 3 lamps.

Know bugs:
- if someone joins during the game it will stop the round.
- When a round restarts, it can bug and go on to the next one.

If this gamemode has the hoped success I will make improvements and I will create another map.
For OFW user's the infection of this gamemode will coming soon on PS3.

All credits for xTiibo