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How to install?

Select Steam Workshop under Download.

No Steam
- Download the file .rar file.
- Unzip the .rar file.
- Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps
- Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the zombie mode

Better tutorial: Tutorial - How to use custom zombie maps manually without steam? | CabConModding

EPILEPSY WARNING: DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY AS IT CONTAINS A TONNE OF FLASHING LIGHTS AFTER YOU ACTIVATE POWER! We are back, with a much x3 bigger, much crazier filled map with crazy features and all new catchy music!

This is a very difficult map. Please do not get too frustrated with it. Other than that have a little bit of luck and yeah... it may take a few/several tries. Good luck. If you can't beat it... git gud. :wink: Good luck. In advance... sorry if you find this too hard... watch the video on how to beat this...

- Buyable Ending
- Custom Easter Egg Shootable (Find x5 Chickens to unlock rest of map and packa punch)
- Custom Sounds (Round and Voxes)
- All default perks, Cherry, Widows, Vulture, Tombstone, PHD & Whos Who thanks to Wardogsk93 & xsanchez78!
- Custom weapons thanks to Erthrock
- Epic new powerups thanks to Natesmithszombies
- Spare Change thanks to Natesmithzombies
- Camo is Gorod Krovi
- Added Wonderfizz thanks to Wardogsk93
- Turn power off to reset lights.
- x30 money bags stashed around the map
- Electric Traps thanks to Uptownpapi25

Steam Workshop

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