Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mods | Boss Rush v1.1


-------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1-----------------------------------------------------------

Added a new gamemode "Rush Mode" can only be started on Shadows of Evil and requires all season pass maps to be installed.

After you have begun the boss fight in rush mode you will be given random weapons, arnies, a shield and a custom Gobblegum.
Once you have defeated the boss you will automatically be loaded into the Der Eisendrache boss fight with a new loadout.
Once the Der Eisendrache boss has been defeated you will be loaded into the next boss fight and so on.

Some things will carry over to other maps like your perks, shield durability and your Gobblegum (if you haven't used it already).

If you don't like the loadout you have been given you can use the custom Gobblegum "Recycle Loadout" to give you a brand new loadout, but it can only be used once so only use it if you need it.

Read change notes for other additions/fixes.

----------------------------------------------------------Initial Release----------------------------------------------------------

This mod allows you to do the map's boss fight as soon as you load into the game.

You will have all of the map's weapons, perks, equipment, hats and some of the GobbleGums in the form of power-ups you can interact with.
Once you have started the boss fight the power-ups will disappear.

This mod supports:

• Shadows of Evil
• Der Eisendrache
• Zetsubou No Shima
• Gorod Krovi
• Revelations

I have also modified the Shadows of Evil easteregg to allow you to do the final step with any amount of players.
The rails will now stay on permanently after shocking them in beast mode.


How to use it?

Select Steam Workshop under Download

No Steam
- Download the file .rar file.
- Unzip the .rar file.
- Place the folder boss_rush in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\mods
- Start the game and select the mods from the mods menu in the main menu

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You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.



if the boss rush mod does load up but does not spawn you in the boss fight area then close the game and go to your mods folder and make a zone folder and put all the files in the boss rush folder into zone folder then make a new folder and name it boss_rush and paste zone in it