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Wonder Weapon Pack

How to install?

Select Steam Workshop under Download.

No Steam
- Download the file .rar file.
- Unzip the .rar file.
- Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\mods
- Start the game and select the map from the mod menu in the game

Better tutorial: Tutorial - How to install any Black Ops 3 Mods/Mod menu on pc without steam | English tutorial by CabCon | CabConModding

I share with you my first mod, which contains the wonder weapon, Round of Boss and Hitmarkers of BO4!

Weapons are available in the box :
Spectrum Mark II
Raygun Mark2 (Blue, Yellow, Purple and Orange) (Style BO4)
Sliquifier (Style BO3)
KT4 (BO3)
Crâne de Nan Sapway (BO3)
Raygun Mark II Winter's Howl
Acidgat (Style BO4)
Magmagat (Style BO4)
Scavenger (BO1)
Chaos Theory (BO4)
If you have Acidgat, or magmagat, kt4 or Chaos Theory, you can't have sliquifier, And same for AcidGat, Magmagat, KT4 or Chaos Theory.You need to choose 1 of these weapons..
Same For Raygun mark2 (orange, purple, blue, yellow and withe).

f your game crashed in start map (it's good, should work because mod integrate disable of the two options), you need disable both option, if not your game crash !!!

For Disable Boss Round use this command in consol : /devmap noboss
you have also in your game this message :

( You have 15 Secondes for choice)
only the host Player can use it !!!

This mod is specially made for official maps !!!
Now it's not possible i add others wonder weapon 'B E C A U S E' :
-Not have files for all weapons !!!!!
-this create other problem in other maps. => I want this mod to work a lot of maps!
-And, I await the return of people on the map which does not work and if the mod is stable, I will add other weapon (if have the files) and if I have time.

that's why I said adding another weapon may crash on some map !

If you play in dev2 (or, maybe dev1) , it's possible your game will crash or map not working.
It's your problem, because all wonder weapons are not made for dev2 !

Mark2 of Alpha Omega (release for me)
Mark2 light (release for me (model mark2 AlphaOmega, anime zmb death in white, script))
scavenger (release for me)
FreezGun MK2 (release for me)
FreezGun MK2 upgraded modele xanim_bin
Zombie boss Golitah (release for me)
Chaos Theory (release for me)

slipgun => release)
blundergat => release)
acidgat => release)
magmagat => release)
PackHarry => (All FX, Animation, ...) release)
KT4 => release for me sound charge)
Skull Gun => release for me)

Brutus 2 => release)
KT4 => release)
Ghost Buried => release)

alexisloic21, Symbo and Sayen-Raigin(it was hard for me XD)
Brutus 2 => adapted for the mod ('it's possible' he has another bug )

Flowing :
Slipgun upgraded (sliquifier Nova) => texture)
Mark2 light => camo)
Mark2 light upgraded (darkness light mark2 => camo)

Sayen-Raigin :
Mark2 light => editing script(add dead in chain), FX, editing weapon global, sound, and script)
Mark2 light up(darkness light mark2) => All)
Raygun mark2 Yellow upgraded => Camo)
Slipgun => FX)
Slipgun up(sliquifier Nova) => FX, Sound remixed)
acidgat => customise fx explosion)
magmagat => customise fx explosion, fx shoot, and sound flame on the ground)
FreezGun MK2 => editing script(add dead in chain), and add animation death of zombie)
FreezGun MK2 Upgraded => editing script(add dead in chain), Custom fx trail, fx impact, camo)
brutus 2 (boss) => customise skin and fx teleport)
KT4 => adapted for the mod (it's not easy XD) (editing script)
Round of Brutus => script)
skull gun => adapted script for the Mod, export FX)
Zombie boss Golitah (release for me) => adapted for the mod (script)
Ghost Buried => adapted for the mod (script)
Ghost Buried Boss => Change Color of Model, Custom Sounds)
Spectre knight => All

BO4 HITMARKERS => release for me)

Hitmanvere (ZeRoY share for me)
Script fixed lag turn on Courant.

Tools (Hydrax, Greyhound and Nevis)

Wild (Chronicle, Der, zetsubo, ...)
Sound (All type Round) => release)

Garrett (AlphaOmega) and (Blood of the dead)
Sound (End Round) => release)
Sound (Start Round) => release)
Model Skull for Spectre knight

Help me for add a new camo.

Kenny (halloween round)
Sound (End Round) => release)

for your mod (All-In-One Menu), => I using for the find camos

zombie life calculator (
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