Release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Adresses (Tested & working 26/4/19)


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I went around and collected some Adresses...
so here they are:
[Sidenote: This is an exact copy of a private File for IW Adresses. If something is unclear i'm ready to help.)
XP: 145EC3EC6 (4 Bytes)
Prestige: 145EC3ECA (Byte) [Max. 30]
Wins: 145EC373D (4 Bytes)
Losses: 145EC5069 (4 Bytes)
Kills: 145EC3969 (4 Bytes)
Deaths: 145EC5051 (4 Bytes)
Time Played: 145EC48DE (4 Bytes)
Class 1 Camo: 145EC5E5D (Byte) (Value 96 for Dark Matter, Value 95 for Diamond, Value 94 for Solar) [Sidenote: Unreleased Camos work aswell.] (Primary ONLY)
Wolverines Level (Mission Team): 145EC5C7A (Byte)
Announcer: 145EC2004 (4 Bytes) [Sidenote: Available Values: 0-5; Only Visual, Won't Save]
JTF Level: 145EC5C7A (4 Bytes) ("Value"+1=Level ingame*)
Orion Level: 145EC5C98 (4 Bytes) ("Value"+1=Level ingame*)
Sabre Level: 145EC5CB6 (4 Bytes) ("Value"+1=Level ingame*)
Wraith Level: 145EC5CD4 (4 Bytes) ("Value"+1=Level ingame*)
Blood Anvil: 145EC5CF2 (4 Bytes) ("Value"+1=Level ingame*)
Contract (reset): 145EC5BDD (byte) (Set Value to 0 to reset Contract; It will reset to 3 shortly after, that's normal)
Right Contract (change): 145EC5BD7 (byte) (Value must be between 1 and 40)

*Example: Value = 49; Ingame Level = 50

[Tested & Working 26/4/19]


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Works perfectly. Do you happen to have weapon xp addresses?
I am new to doing stuff like that so this might take a while, because i all the time let the game crash because i set something wrong. well, right now i can only give you the Addresses for the NV4 (145EC1D78, 4 Bytes), EBR-800 (145EC1DB8, 4 Bytes) and TF-141 (145EC1DC8, 4 Bytes).
Edit: you should prob know that the Max Weapon XP is 45400 so use that value. Have fun! :wink:
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