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Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Sesh Hooks Host Menu (Old) + Source


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Hello CabConModding!
I know i have seen a few people that loved this menu when i was working on it and since i dont work with sesh hooks anymore or as its now known as rhino cheats i thought that i might as well release my old menu for it :smile:

Im pretty sure it was broken but i know that it is compiled and has rank 80 + prestige 20 on spawn for all clients if you wanna host lobbies like that or if you just wanna study it and fix it, its up to you what you do with it tbh and yeah enjoy my messy ass source code :smile:
Also i probably wont be releasing any finished menus/projects as i have been staying up like 30+ hours which i get a lot done but i cant focus but anyways enjoy :smile: also this source does have a ton of offsets in it that can be useful so hopefully you find a use for this and let me know what game i should do something for next or what i should release next :smile:

Preview of menu (When it worked):
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The reason why you arent with us anymore is because you leaked our Ghost dll lol.