Call of Duty: World War II Confirmed Nazi Zombies! + Headquarters + Private Beta


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You heard that right! At the live stream today on the first ever world reveal. Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield has teased us with a simple image that brings a ton of excitement world wide for those who are crazy for zombies. Here it is!

Furthermore, if you pre-order this new game, you gain access to the Private Beta hoping to play some multiplayer with each other! A new "mode" in this new call of duty will be named "Headquarters". Now, most of you are already thinking. Headquarters? The actual gamemode? No. Headquarters is a new "chill" spot where you can gather around in a certain location with gamers around the world and show off your character and anything you have on them. I'm hoping to see a little in-game chat to talk to other players to meet up on tourneys and UMGs. Basically a social space, "off-the-front-lines" experience. Think of it like Playstation Home where you could engage with other gamers!

Here is the official trailer and our opinions about: