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I don't want to post much here, so here are my packages and a link to my discord. Ask questions there or DM on discord when you join the server.


Everything in Zombies and Multiplayer including Camos, attachments, calling cards, levels/prestige. With 10k Cryptokeys and 25k Liquid Divinium : $6
Just Zombies + 20k Liquid Divinium: $3
Just Multiplayer + 8k Cryptokeys: $3

Just Cryptokeys:
5k for $4
20k for $7
35k for $15
75k per week for 1 year: $60

Just Liquid Divinium:
35k for $2
75k for $4
130k for $6
150k per week for 1 year: $50

Optionals (add onto any package or buy it by itself):
Super Easter Egg: $1
Just Camos and attachments for Zombies: $1
Just Camos and attachments for Multiplayer: $1

If you want to make a special request DM me and I can give you a price.

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