Question COD BO1 hanging con "Connecting to the lobby"


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I tried all day long to play a zombie or multiplayer match with my friends over the Internet.
I did the correct port forwarding, disabled host and clients firewalls.
We tried with both fitgirl release and nosTEAM release.
We tried with the v 0.1 and 0.7 following the guide of the corresponding post.
I tried using my public ip (using a ddns), and using a VPN to simulate LAN ( softether VPN), the same that worked for other games ( just yesterday tested with AoE II)

In every case the same problem: the clients cannot join the host's match.
In the v 0.7 of the launcher, I can invite the clients, but they hang on connecting.
The dedicated server is never shown on clients' server browser.
I see the server is always started on my local machine IP and never on my VPN local machine IP
I know it's both localhost, but obviusly clients can connect to, but they cannot know because it's a different network.
If someone may help me, I can also do some test with you if you need, my discord: SirBlacken#1111

(Sorry for the possible bad english)

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