Combat Training XP boost and prestige


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Hi there,

I'm looking to change Combat Training, so that I can increase the XP I get for kills and gaining objectives, etc. I'd also like to prestige in Combat Training so I can have some incentive to rank up beyond lvl 50. The problem is that I can't firgure out where the amounts of XP for Combat Training are located (I looked in the _rank.gsc for it, but my changes had no effect), and I don't really have any idea how to unlock the prestige option either. I tried to apply the Combat Training Patch v8 to at least have the prestigeing, but I can't get it to work so I tried to make my own.

I've been able to extract all the .gsc files via the Mod Tools on Steam, so I should have access to the correct files (I hope).

I'm not sure if this is enough info, but could you perhaps point me in the right direction for this?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: well, as I posted this I got the CT v8 thing to work, so now what remains is changing the XP values! Not sure what I did but doesn't really matter I guess!

Edit2: I've tried to mess around by forcing scr_xpscale to 4, through the setdvar command. This didn't really do anthing and I cannot find anything through Google, so if anyone has any idea how I'm supposed to change XP values for CT I'm all ears.
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