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Hello guys,
today I will present you one of my favorite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheats. They describe themselves like that: We are a reliable internal cheat provider for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike: Source. Our cheats are VAC2 / VAC3 undetected. It was made for the sole purpose of enhancing your gaming-experience in whichever way you wish (Be it rage or legit). We offer a lot of features (Standard as well as unique ones) which will help you reach the level of gameplay you have been dreaming about. Want to 1-Tap like a pro? With the correct aimbot settings you can achieve just that. Want to control your recoil and still make it look legit? No problem, our newly revamped RCS will help you adjust your spray to hit every single shot. Do you want to use Skins but are afraid of being banned and losing them? Just use our Skinchanger which has every feature you may want.

Take a look below for a rough feature list and decide for yourself




    • VAC2/VAC3
    • Matchmaking AntiCheat
    • ThirdParty Serversided AntiCheats (SMAC, ...)
    • CEVO (All visuals OFF)
    • EAC (All visuals OFF)
    • FaceIt (ANTI_FACEIT disables silent aim, psilent, antiaim, bunnyhop, autopisol )
    • ESL (All visuals OFF)
    • FaceIt (FaceIt Premium + Classic Offensive) with anticheat client
    • Aimbot (Always on, On key, On attack)
    • Aimspot
    • Fullybody FOV Aimspot(will select the aimspot that is closest to your crosshair)
    • Aim Team
    • AntiDeathmatch
    • Target Selection (Closest to crosshair, Closest to you, Closest aiming at you)
    • Silent Aim
    • pSilent
    • >RAGE:
      • Autoshoot(Hitchance modes Low, Mid, High, Super High, Optimized)
      • Autowall (Normal and Death mode Death mode means it will only shoot through walls if the damage caused will be the same or above the targets HP)
      • Autowall Minimum Damage
      • Hitscan
      • Hitscan Autowall
      • Smart Aim
      • Aim Step Option (evades VAC kicks on official valve servers when raging with high FOV)
    • >LEGIT:
      • Aim Time
      • Smooth Amount
      • FOV
      • NonSticky Aim
      • Magnet Trigger (Triggeraim/pSilent Triggerbot)
      • Draw FOV
      • Disable Aimbot When Target Is Jumping
      • Dynamic Distance Based FOV
      • Do Not Aim Through Smokes Toggle (also works for visual only esp, triggerbot, anything)
    • RCS
    • RCS Aimkey
    • RCS Aimspot
    • RCS Start (starts compensating for recoil after X amount of bullets)
    • Standalone RCS
    • RCS efficiency
    • Chams (Either show through wall or don't)
    • Bright Chams
    • XRay (CS:GO Glow)
    • Transparent Walls
    • Fullbright Walls
    • Custom Colored Walls
    • Crosshair
    • Crosshair That Shows Where Bullets Will Land
    • FOV changer
    • Viewmodel FOV changer
    • Thirdperson mode
    • World Glow (dynamic lights)
    • Weapon Glow (on ground)
    • Weapon Chams (on ground + equipped world models)
    • Prop Chams (map static props get chammed)
    • Alpha Props (Make doors, boxes, other static props transparent which is very useful for legit gameplay)
    • Show spectators and who is spectating you
  • ESP
    • Enable (Full, only working when target is visible, hold key for esp and a toggle key for esp)
    • Box
    • Name
    • Clan
    • AVDraw
    • Skeleton
    • Health
    • Weapon
    • Defuse
    • Helmet
    • Flashed
    • Bomb
    • Bomb Detonation Info with damage indication
    • Weapons On Ground
    • Grenade
    • Footstep
    • Visibility Check
    • Enemies Only
    • Spread (Normal, Matchmaking)
    • Autostop
    • Autocrouch
    • Autozoom
    • Recoil
    • Visual Recoil
    • Hands (Remove, Cham, Wire)
    • Sky
    • Smoke
    • Flash
    • On Key
    • Burst
    • Perfect Triggerbot
    • HeadOnly
    • Autowall
    • Delay
    • Hitgroup selection(All, Head Only, No Legs)
    • Hitchance Triggerbot(Off, Low, Mid, High, Optimized)
    • Triggerbot RCS(you can enable standalone RCS which will work with triggerbot then)
  • MISC:
    • Weapon configs (Per weapon group Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Snipers, Heavy, Scout, Deagle, All others)
    • AntiUntrusted
    • Bunnyhop (Perfect, Legit)
    • Strafebot
    • Circlestrafe
    • Airstuck
    • Autoaccept matchmaking
    • Edge Jump
    • Reload Switch (Automatic reload switching some skilled players do)
    • Autopistol
    • Anti Aim (Including Lisp/Fake AA)
    • AntiAnti Aim (Manual resolving through player list and automated Lisp/Fake AA resolving)
    • Fakelag Amount
    • Namestealer(MM mode namestealer will only steal your teammates' name)
    • Namestealer Delay
    • Chat Spam
    • Knifebot (Stab, Slash)
    • Backstab Only Knifebot
    • 360 degree knifing (you can knife people while walking with your back turned towards them, etc.)
    • Quickkill knifebot mode (this will slash first then stab which is faster when you go against enemies with 100HP(will account in the armor), most people just stab 2 times but that's just too slow)
    • Teleport Exploit (Teleports you to 0,0 and your current Z pos)
    • No name (Removes player name ingame)
  • RADAR:
    • Weapon&Bomb Display (Only M4A4, M4A1S, AK47, AWP, Galil AR, FAMAS and C4)
    • Disable Visuals
    • Dot Range
    • Height Check (San Andreas style object displaying)
    • Position,Size&Color Adjustable
    • Whitelist (Aimbot, triggerbot and knifebot will ignore the selected player/s)
    • Aimspot (Will only aim at this aimspot for the selected player)
    • Enable Custom Angle
    • Steal specific player's name
    • Steal specific player's clan
    • Custom Pitch
    • Custom Yaw
    • Mouse GUI (Position adjustable, key input for more precise smooth and field of view values, color spectra, convenient way of saving configurations)
    • Color Configurations for menu, ESP, glowhack, chams, hands, radar, ...
    • Config System (6 main config spots + 1 extra for skins only)
    • Virtual Key Binder (panic key, aim key, triggerbot key, edge jump key, menu key, autostop key, teleport key, stuck key, RCS key, ESP key, circlestrafe key, ...)
    • Panic key button (visuals only or everything)
    • Prediction
    • Displaying enemy rank's on the scoreboard (Matchmaking only)
    • Clantag changer (6 options with autoswitch with custom delay and noname option)
    • Glove changer
    • Skin changer (weapons + knives + knife animations fixed + GOTV support)
    • Online config builder (matches ingame GUI)
    • Cloud space where configs are stored
    • Access to V.I.P. section of forum (configurations, support in general)
    • As of nowUnlimited and free HWID changes


  • Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (64 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (64 bit) Builds supported: ALL; including: 10240, 10586, 14393

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Happy Hacking!


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Still, wouldn't try this on CSGO. Even if I was to I wouldn't pay £20 for 1 Month.


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Good concept, bad outcome.

I purchased this cheat/mod menu for one of my accounts. after playing a day of CS:GO, I got banned ;-; Do keep in mind I was using each and every option for this specific modpack. However I still am working on a solution to this, I am searching, through many cheats and mod menus for CS and I will hopefully find one undetectable from overwatch bans. Which was the reason I got banned. Which puts me to the conclusion of you might need to be a more experienced person to mod CS:GO or become undetected by Overwatch users.