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I wish I released this when I remembered what I was doing a long time ago. Took me a while to reverse engineer my own work.

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Step One: Open up your common_mp.ff file in the editor provided above (see download 1).

Step Two: When opened it will create a file in the same location as the .ff file. Open it with and Hex Editor (see download 2).

Step Three: Download or grab any gun you wish to change the skin of. For example I chose the AK74u. You can download the skins from other sites or you can grab them from any copy of cod4 on pc (pm me for more details about this).

Once downloaded drag the file onto the IWI to DDS program provided (see download 3). It will create a .dds image file of the skin.

Things are going to get slightly more complicated due to the age of time. Because we no longer have the old cod4 PS3 original skins with perfect file size and hex code we have to improvise.

Step Four: Open the .dds file in (see download 4) or Photoshop (I dont have a download of this). Either create what you want on the skin to your liking or see Step 5. Once done save image as BC1 which is a dds format. BC5 does not work. *NOTE* Make sure you save the image size as 292x292 or it will not fit.

Step Five: Open up the newly saved .dds skin you just made in Hex editor and delete the first 7 lines shown in the picture. (Don't ask how I figured this out).

Step Six: Copy the remaining code.

Step Seven: Go back to the you still have opened in the other tab and use the search function. Search for weapon_ak74u_col or weapon_ak74u_c and find the one on line 22B4129 it will look like this (note this might not be in the same place but shouldnt be far off the line).

Next after the col theres a . which will show as a 00 value on the left. After that in the image it is 31 which is the hex value for 1 (it may be different on yours) put your marker just after the . and before the 1 in the middle on the right side and right click and paste write.

It should end just a little bit before this line of code. Use the Search function to search forward for "envMap"
Obviously its not perfect and there still some code behind it after we write paste which is not ideal but it will have to do in this instance.


Step Eight
The code Between the end line of your paste write and EnvMap fill with 00 which are called null bytes.

Then you should be done. Save the file in Hex editor ( and make sure to save your common.ff file in the editor from the beginning.
I know this is very complicated so if you need anything message me.
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