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About Us
DDoS In Discord came about after a discussion about the future of legitimate internet stress testing. Nearly all online based Denial of Service-for-hire services are cluttered with people using the service for purely malicious intent, sending attacks to banking, government or unauthorised networks, which is a major let down for all. DDoS In Discord (or DiD) is a service that prides itself on it's ability to maintain a safe, legitimate, stress testing network for Penetration Testers, Network Administrators, or people purely wanting to see what limits their networks can push.

Why Us
The Developers of DiD were tired of having to constantly create new and unexciting ways of their users being able to use their network. We are dedicated on bringing a premium product to the Pentesting community, and wanted to make the experience is simple as possible for everyone. Tired of the hidden and expensive fees of other network testing services, we managed to bring a premium product to the community for a fraction of the cost of nearly all other DDoS-for-hire services. We did this by cutting costs of extra's we deemed weren't necessary to make the product run, and we did this by cutting out one of the major expenses of all web based DDoS-for-hire services. We cut the domain. hosting and DDoS protection straight out and created a simple Discord bot. To access our service, simply join our Discord server, follow the instructions to purchase one of our inexpensive plans, and begin stress testing your VPS, Dedicated Server or Business/Home network immediately! We also teamed up with the company of one of the DiD developers, Profound, by using his lightning fast SynfulServers 4GB VPS's, as well as an array of community driven and operated API's to bring a range of Denial of Service methods, speed, power and optimal uptime.

We believe in simplicity. We don't clutter our server with plans that are out of reach of people. We wanted to make DiD as basic as possible to use.
# Bronze
→ 300 Second Attack Time
→ 1 Congruent Attack
→ All Methods
→ All Tools
$2.50 USD / Monthly
# Silver
→ 700 Second Attack Time
→ 1 Congruent Attack
→ All Methods
→ All Tools
$5.00 USD / Monthly
# Gold
→ 1000 Second Attack Time
→ 2 Congruent Attacks
→ All Methods
→ All Tools
$10 USD / Monthly
In order to purchase one of our plans, please follow the instructions on our Discord server.

How to Join DiD
Joining is simple. Make sure you have a Discord account with a verified email address. Simply join our Discord server by clicking the Join Now button below and begin sending DDoS attacks!
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The Giveaway
Simply like this thread, join our server, and reply with your Discord name and Tag. The winner will be chosen at random, and will be messaged on Discord as well as CabConModding the instructions to redeem their subscription. The winner shall receive 1 month on the Bronze Account Upgrade.

@Harry is a trusted seller of DDoS In Discord (DiD) and has been registered on CabConModding since 25th Jan 2016, and has sold multiple products on CabConModding during his time here. We work on a No Trust No Use basis. If you'd like to request a trial of the software shown here, one can be arranged by Privately Messaging Harry through the link here
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