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Release DDoS Protected VPN & Instagram Bot Service

Discussion in 'Internet Talk' started by Harry, May 15, 2018.

  1. Harry

    Harry I'm 'Serious'ly a better Developer

    DDoS Protected VPN & Instagram Bot Service
    All payments to be made through PayPal
    To make a purchase, please send the amount required in USD to the PayPal below, the start a conversation with me with the service you ordered, your PayPal email, and anything else (ie: Server location for the VPN or your Instagram information for the bot, or if we should make the account for you)
    Denial of Service Protected Virtual Private Network
    • Australia/Sydney
    • Europe/Amsterdam
    • Europe/Germany
    • England/London
    • America/Dallas
    • America/New York
    • America/Atlanta
    Prices are based on location and availability
    • 1 Month
      - USA:
      $12.99 (Premium)
      - Australia: $6.99 (Standard)
      - Europe: $7.99 (Standard)
    • 3 Months (5% off a month)
      - USA:
      $37 (Premium)
      - Australia: $20 (Standard)
      - Europe: $22 (Standard)
    • 6 Months (15% off a month)
      - USA:
      $66 (Premium)
      - Australia: $36 (Standard)
      - Europe: $40 (Standard)
    • 12 Months (15% off a month)
      - USA:
      $132 (Premium)
      - Australia: $72 (Standard)
      - Europe: $80 (Standard)

    Instagram Bot Service
    This service will login with any account, or we can setup an account for you if we haven't gained your trust yet, that will scan through popular Instagram hashtags and comment on the newer posts, asking for that person to like your newest post. If you do not want us logging in with your account, we will setup an account for you and send you the details.
    In order to look like someone who did it manually, we setup multiple comments that will be posted randomly. The bot will also like the photo the comment is put on, making it not look like a bot that placed the comment.
    The bot can also follow people who use the hashtag follow4follow or f4f, and will unfollow if they didn't follow back after 24 hours.

    • Blogger - $5/month
      - Liking:
      - Comments: 1,000/day
      - Follows/Unfollows: 250/day
    • Photographer - $9/month
      - Liking:
      - Comments: 2,000/day
      - Follows/Unfollows: 500/day
    • Community Page - $13/month
      - Liking:
      - Comments: 3,000/day
      - Follows/Unfollows: 750/day
    • Get Famous Quick - $17/month
      - Liking:
      - Comments: 4,000/day
      - Follows/Unfollows: 1,000/day

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