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Release Energy Menu + Script Bypass

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto 5 XBOX' started by 無法者, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. 無法者

    無法者 Known Member

    Decided To Give this Menu out For Free. ( Just trying to make a good free menu for everyone tu use)
    Im still constantly updating it and will update this post soon as i post a new update!
    i still need 50$ for the 2much4u menu base so if you like to donate it would be nice!
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    Menu Info :

    -Alot Of Options
    What Menu Has :
    Quick Options
    Menu Settings
    Online Players
    Weapon Options
    Vehicle Options
    Object Spawning
    World Modifications
    Vehicle Spawner
    Beta Options"
    Other Info :
    Current Version : 0.7
    Script Bypass = Yes
    Not close to finished
    How To Open : X+ DPAD_RIGHT
    Same To Close.
    Menu Picture :
    Version : 0.7:
    Menu Video :

    Menu Download : Please login or register to view links or downloads!
    Alternative Download :
    Menu Credits :
    Helper : XeTrinityzHD
    Other Credits :
    ChormexModz ( Original source)
    BiG_GHOST_GaMeR ( Functions )
    2much4u ( idk his menu base is sick)
    Sabotage ( Script Bypass & Drop Bypass)
    Scouse Power (For Sprite Texture List)
    Hope You Enjoy My Project :heart: :grinning:
    Feel Free to give ideas / opinions /
    Also post a video link if you may have recorded it :grinning:

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