Error codes and their meanings


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Do you have an error code? Can not you find it on the net? Do not you know what it means? It will certainly be on this list that I put has provision in: DG: for you:wink:
List of error codes and their meanings:

710102 DNS error, DNS server is no longer valid
8013030 System Error - Update Failure
80010001 Big mistake, reading the game impossible (damaged disk)
80010009 Synchronization error of a "Bluetooth"
80010014 download failure on PSN (buying a game), repeat download
80010017 unreadable blu-ray game
80010036 File Deletion Error
80010510 game installed on hard disk can not launch
80010514 hard drive error, restart the ps3
80010516 misreading a PS1 game, eject the game and try again
80023017 Playstation Store is undergoing maintenance
80029020 cause unknown to date
80029024 Obtaining a Possible Internet Protocol (IP) Address
80029513 Copyright Infringement Legislation, No Original Game
80029564 install an impossible downloaded game
80029945 Movie playback "blu-ray" is not possible (certainly acting a copy)
80030920 file corrupted
80031150 system error backup parameters, possibility of a blue screen restore default settings
80031601 Error creating an account
80130182 Connection error, IP address conflict
80130183 Playstation error network log, entry made on PSN site through PC, but not confirmed on PS3 or not validated by confirmation email. (Click on the link received)
80130203 PS3 connected to the internet but not the Playstation Network, ports opened in its "box" TCP 80,443,5223 and UDP 3478,3479,3658
80410418 DNS Error (Domain Name System)
80710016 Playstation Network unavailable
80710092 disconnection to the Playstation Network, cause: loss of connection (often wireless)
8001000B Wi key error: check the format, WEP or WAP
80710101 Error connecting
80710102 Can not connect with incorrect IP "box" (Internet Protocol)
80710541 Expired connection time
80710723 bug closed doors
81019002 copy of possible support
8001050D game release impossible (dirty or scratched disc)
80022A07 trophies Loading Error
80028EA1 Domain Name System (DNS) error trying to test the connection in the Internet connection settings (wireless connection)
80028EA5 connection to the Playstation Network does not
80028EA6 connection error, restart ps3 and the box
Display error 80028F10, set the automatic display settings
80028F17 play an impossible PS2 game, restart the ps3
80028F18 play an impossible PS2 game, disc not supported (console is not compatible)
80029C68 corrupted data from a file (from an external backup)
8002A10D by adding a possible friend
8002A231 account suspended, banned or deleted. (House PS)
8002A203 Can not connect to PSN (Playstation network maintenance)
8002A401 message photo error sending
8002A4A6 download a game not to play online
8002A515 connection error
8002A548 unstable wi-fi (missed connection)
8002A705 Unable to connect to server (check ports)
8002A71A Network Address Translation (NAT) error may connect to servers but not join or create a party
8002AD23 connection error
8002AE21 the demo or the file is corrupted
8002B241 Failing DVI Audio Connection
8002f147 firmware update impossible, disable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), Proxy, reactivate after update
8002F994 error update, Playstation Network blocked after many requests, try later
8002F997 failed to install an external support update (corrupted file)
8003051E backup of an impossible part
8013013D connection error, weak Wi-Fi signal or SSID (Service Set Identifier)
8013013E WEP Key Error, Check Box Configuration
8013030F SSID (Service Set Identifier), Your Distribution Is Disabled
807101FF DNS Error (Domain Name System)
8071040C server connection error (again, restart the ps3)
8071053D Connection to the Playstation network impossible for (maintenance)
80710B23 Playstation Network unavailable
80710B36 PlayStation full (try again later)
80710D23 PSN blocked due to a number of important applications as well (maps black ops code.)
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