Question Force host with a vac ban MW2


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Hi, i was wondering if you could help me with force host on MW2, i have a VAC ban which (after reading some threads) seems most likely to be the problem. I have an open NAT and cant port forward port 28960 (can't remember the actual port number think that's the right one) which i was told to do by the mw2 lobby tools creator. Just wondering if you know a way to force host as i cant seem to find any info on it at all and wondering if you can help me cheers.


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You're not able to Force Host while "VAC Banned", It's not possible.
it is possible to force host with a vac ban as i done it before, you can either just be lucky and have the host migrate to you while you are vac banned, you can hook some functions and basically do a proper vac bypass so people can join you, you can use packets to force a host migration and hope you get chosen. there are many ways to do it, if you took like 20 minutes to look in the pdb for cod 4 or even look into the mw2 labeled **** you would be able to find a way to do it :smile:

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