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Should the next update include abilities? (Read the first paragraph to get a better idea)

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  1. StupidEdits

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    Blackops II: Find the Dummy
    Supported Map: Nuketown2025(DLC) *ONLY*
    Supported Gamemode: Team Deathmatch *ONLY*
    Hey there everyone, I bring to you my second released gamemode. I've had some fun testing this gamemode with some friends, and I hope you and anyone else can have a similar experience. I plan on updating this as time goes on, but for now I'm happy with where this gamemode stands. On the other hand one of the updates I'd like to ask everyone about is the possibility of power-ups/abilities (e.g. seekers will receive a:no: power-up/ability after getting a certain amount of kills that when activated will delete all the fake dummy models in a certain area around the activator. Hiders can receive power-ups/abilities that can move/rotate/or change all dummy models, vanish themselves for a short period of time, spawn their own fake dummies wherever they want, etc.).

    Gamemode Objective:
    This gamemode is simple; similar to hide and seek there are two teams with similar objectives. The hiding team must blend in with the rest of the dummies randomly spawned throughout the map and prevent the seeker(s) from killing them. The seeking team must search and kill the fake dummies (the hiders) before they're dead or time is up, for every bullet missed the seekers will lose health. When a seekers health has hit 0 they are out of the game, if a seeker manages to get a kill they are rewarded health in return.

    About the game:
    During the pick phase, for every 6 players there will be at least 1 seeker (e.g 6 players = 1 seeker, 12 players = 2 seekers, and 13-18 players = 3 seekers) and each seeker is responsible for their own health. Seekers can be rewarded for gaining the final kill on a hider, but will be penalized slightly more if there is more than 1 seeker. Every dummy/model is randomly picked, spawned, as well as randomly rotated to make the game feel a bit more different per-game. (Side note: you can't gib the fake models spawned in, so don't waste bullets trying [​IMG])


    D-PAD UP - Third Person toggle
    D-PAD Right - Model scroll right
    D-PAD Left - Model scroll left
    D-PAD Down - Angle lock toggle
    ChangeWeapon - Refresh your knife / camo

    ChangeWeapon - Refresh your mp7 / camo


    hiders POV:

    seekers POV:


    Update 0: Release

    Known Bugs:
    [+] More than 1 seeker - Untested!
    [+] Hitboxes compared to model sizes are a bit skewed and inconsistent. Try to aim lower than the dummy models heads, and try not to hit their arms as it
    may blocks your bullets from actually hitting players.

    [+] Please let me know if you find any bugs

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    GSC Studio

    [+] Matrix
    [+] TheFallen
    [+] StonedYoda
    [+] EternalHabit & others (GSC Resource thread)
    [+] BullyWiiPlaza
    [+] iMCSx
    [+] Anyone who made this a possibility
    [+] Anyone else I may have forgotten
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    Looks quite great! :smile: Thanks for sharing.
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