Tutorial get steam workshop mods and maps for fitgirl repack


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so I just found this out and decided to make a tutorial so here we go

first you have to install steam cmd:
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then extract it and put it in a new folder run the program and once it has finished installing type in "login anonymous"

next after it loads find a map you want on the workshop and copy the 10 number code in the URL(that's the map id)

after that you need to type in workshop_download_item 311210 (insert map id here)

let it install fully and if it gives you errors type in the command again until it says success
after that go into the folder you put the steam cmd.exe in and go to steamapps workshop content 311210 (map id)

next go into the file and open workshop.json with notpad and copy what it say next to folder name example:zm_diner

then rename the file the folder name

next go back inside the folder make a new file named zone and put every file inside the zone file now go to bo3s file location and make/open your usermaps file

now put the folder that you renamed into usermaps(do not put 311210 into usermaps)

now load up bo3 go into zombies and click maps and scroll all the way down and you will see the map you imported and if done correctly it should load

also here's a low effort youtube tutorial I made: