Article Google’s AI can tell if someone is sneaking a peek at your phone

Discussion in 'Android' started by JoeJoy, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Google’s AI technology is pretty impressive, sometimes it’s even a little scary. It can identify people in photos, identify songs with cryptic descriptions, and now it can spy sneaky people looking at your phone. Google researchers are showing off a project they call “electronic screen protector.”

    The project uses a Please login or register to view links or downloads! phone and the front-facing camera to detect when more than one person is looking at the screen. The AI detects eyes and can interrupt what you’re doing to show the camera view and identify the perpetrator. It even adds a Snapchat-like rainbow effect to the perp.

    The researchers claim it can identify a person’s eyes in 2 milliseconds. What do you think about a feature like this? Obviously, in some cases you want someone to be looking at your phone, but there are certain situations where you might not. Would you use this?
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    Its impressive but i wouldn't want that cause it scares the **** out of me xD
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