Question gsc mod menus crashes my computer when i loading a map


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i start bo2 zombies after that i open up bo2 injector and made a new project for zombies after that i inject project iconic and when i loading a map the game crashes so hard that i must poweroff my computer sooo am i too dumb for this? i cant fix it by myself i reinstalled bo2 and gsc studio, redownloaded the menu, deleted my savefiles from steam cloud(when where savefiles for bo2 idk lmao), open as administrator and it crashes again... i did everything what i know or is it a 50/50 chance that it works due to some hotfixes like the infect hotfix on xbox360 and ps3?
pc specs:
intel i7 3770 @3,40ghz but turbo boosted to @3,80ghz |
MSI Radeon rx 580 8gb |Asus P8z68-V pro gen 3 |
ssd samsung 860 evo 1tb (bo2 and gsc studio is on this installed) |
hdd barracuda 7200u/min 1tb |
windows 10 pro Build 1904 |
feel free to name me as an idiot, thanks for every help