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How it works:
You remove the mobile authentication and give me email access your to your account (I will give it back at any time if need it be)
I will use persistent methods of getting your account to the rank you choose.

I work with a pay per win. If I get you there in three games, it will cost you the price of three wins. I don't charge for the wins you have prior.
*All prices in USD, to be paid via PayPal*

Silver Elite: 0.10/addition win
Gold Nova 1-3: 0.15/addition win
Master Guardian 1-3: 0.25/addition win
LEM: 0.50/additional win
The Global Elite: 0.60/additional win

Usually accounts take 1-4 months (as I can do a maximum of 3 games a week per account)

- Trusted by 20+ People -
Many Customer Satisfied
All drops are given to the owner of the account

Accounts will not Server as wager or betting bots (ie: promotional codes)

To get purchase, Private Message me.


If you have any problem with this service pls contact a Moderator,Admin or just make a report
Thank you :grinning:

With Permission from the Staff at CabConModding
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Idk how to pm u but can u pm me with answer please

um so if i want a rank up say im MGE and i want Global Elite how much is it ?

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