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As the site has been reincarnated, I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce myself. I live in Canada, and I am a major geek as some would say. I really dig drawing, gaming and coding(as far as coding goes, I don't know a whole lot, but I find it enjoyable.) I own a bunch of consoles, among them are 3 Xbox 360s (Trinity RGH, Trinity Retail and JTAGable Xenon Retail), YLOD CEX PS3 on Rogero 4.55, a Softmodded Original Xbox, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, PS2, PS1, Gameboy Color, GBA, GBA SP, Wii, and a 3DS XL (I have a powersave for this). I know I listed some handhelds, but to me, if they play games and they are not a phone, they're consoles. I think I've kinda rambled on with this, so I'll just cut it short and say I look forward to seeing you guys around.