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Hello Cabcon.

My name is Care bear or Also known as Ms Athena.
I'm also a female. I'm only saying this so anyone who reads this can be accurate when replying to me so nothing more.

A little bit to know about me. I come from the Competitive scene for Call of Duty but I retired in late 2016. Due to some complications going on in my life. Coding has always been a passion to me and I literally die in love doing it. Some people will so its just coding but to me its so much more. As well from my experience in the Call of Duty scene on Xbox I did modding on there as well. So I have experience in Jtags/RGHs. I also Love penguins and Pizza <3!

If you wanna be friends just message me and we can talk. Im also always looking for opportunities to help someone on a Project. I can help with coding tools, gsc menus and even finding offsets if needed.

Hope I didn't make any one bored while reading this.