Tutorial How To Host Your Own Exploit Page

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What you will need:
a pc
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With those tools you can host your own local page and create your own web payloads.

If you just want to host the few payloads it has built in, run the ps4-exploit-host.exe

if you have errors, disable connection sharing in your adapter settings and disable web protection in your antivirus.


Navigate to the ip shown in your command prompt window in the ps4's web browser (you can also set it as your dns on ps4 to get it in the user guide), once there you cn click 5.05 and run the payloads.

If you want to make your own payloads...
download the most recent version of python
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I included a bin2html.py file in Exploits>5.05 folder, get the .bin file for whatever payload you want to add and place it in the 5.05 folder

now you want to do this

press shift + right click ad open a command prompt window in this location
type bin2html.py [payload name].bin and wait for it to convert the file

duplicate one of the payload folders and rename it to the name of your payload, replace the index.html file in that new folder with the one you just created.


Now you have your own custom payload :smile: