Tutorial How to make a Animated Coldboot


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How to make a Animated Coldboot

Hello Guys in this Tutorial i will show you how you can make a Animated Coldboot like this

What you will need:

So lets start by navigating to Tools>Coldboot inside you will see a few files first you have to edit the .dds files to your liking (you can use .gifs if you extract the layers) if you have more then 9 .dds files just duplicate them but keep in mind more layer bigger filesize (it may not can be compiled)

Before you save an the image make sure it has an alpha channel
then save it as "DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha"

When youre done editing the images open "coldboot.xml" with any text editor you have and change it depending on how many frames you have for example i have 9 frames you it will look like this for me
<!-- Your Frames -->
  <material id="mtrl_1" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="1.dds" />
  <actor id="1" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_1" />

  <material id="mtrl_2" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="2.dds" />
  <actor id="2" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_2" />

  <material id="mtrl_3" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="3.dds" />
  <actor id="3" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_3" />

  <material id="mtrl_4" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="4.dds" />
  <actor id="4" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_4" />
  <material id="mtrl_5" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="5.dds" />
  <actor id="5" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_5" />

  <material id="mtrl_6" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="6.dds" />
  <actor id="6" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_6" />
  <material id="mtrl_7" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="7.dds" />
  <actor id="7" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_7" />
  <material id="mtrl_8" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="8.dds" />
  <actor id="8" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_8" />

  <material id="mtrl_9" effect="pure_texture_alpha_1_depth_0" >
    <texture file="9.dds" />
  <actor id="9" model="mdl_bg" material="mtrl_9" />
if you have more add lines or if you have less delete them

do the same for "coldboot.js"
var background = new Array(
    new Actor("1")
    , new Actor("2")
    , new Actor("3")
    , new Actor("4")
    , new Actor("5")
    , new Actor("6")
    , new Actor("7")
    , new Actor("8")
    , new Actor("9")

after this open Tools>EXE in another window and drag "coldboot.xml" ontop of "raf_compiler.exe" a "coldboot.raf" folder will appear in your Coldboot folder if not then you have to many frames or your animation covers too much of the image amke changes and try again

when you succesfully made a "coldboot.raf" copy it to you console and see how it looks

Hope you could follow this Tutorial if you have questions leave them in the comments:wink:
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