Question I need GSC to fix a problem in Mob of the Dead


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Hello, first of all I do not speak English, I am using a translator to post. Sorry if some parts are not well understood: /
The first thing is that I have never done a GSC, and I have no idea how to do it correctly.
There is a problem on the Mob of the Dead map that affects players from high rounds.
When you play a cooperative game, there is always a risk that the game is disconnected, the problem in Mob of the dead is that when one is disconnected and reconnected, the tomahawk cannot be improved again, so in high rounds, the unimproved tomahawk is useless because it does not kill, and playing without enhanced tomahawk makes the round last three times as long as it would really last.
What occurred to me, is to change the damage to the normal tomahawk so that it kills in all the rounds, so that if the partner is disconnected, when one does not need the improved tomahawk to kill, but as much as I seek , I do not give the way to do it.
I would like someone who understands GSC to tell me how I can add that or pass a GSC directly with the damage of the edited tomahawk. Thank you.